Hunters of Light featured in Canon South Africa’s Click magazine.

What an honour to be featured in Canon South Africa’s Click Magazine. What an honour to be part of such an incredible initiative.
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Canon South Africa’s Click magazine has always been a great resource for photographers. So imagine my excitement at the Hunters of Light being featured.

89 days into the South African Corona lockdown the Hunters of Light has continued to amaze me in the way that the members have contributed great images and so much positivity.
It truly is the best photography community in South Africa right now in my opinion.

And here are some stats since the initiative was started:


  • 2 848 members
  • 6 017 Posts
  • 20 426 Comments
  • 121 472 Reactions

If you are not a member already, join the Hunters of Light and you can also be inspired by the amazing people already there.

Presentations, tutorials and Q&…

The Hunters of Light has generated 60 hours of photography presentations from all over the world.

Over and above the incredible talent we have showcased in South Africa, we have had a Canon explorer of light from the US, photographers from the UK, Australia, Mauritius and the list just keeps on growing. I am so excited about where we have come and where we are going.

We have also created 7 tutorials and had 4 Q&… about business, legal and photography products. That makes an incredible 66 hours of content generated in the last 89 days.
The Hunters of Light YouTube Channel currently houses all of our presentation content.

So what’s next…

I have a lot of ideas and a great direction for the Hunters of Light and am going to continue to grow it into what is South Africa’s best photography community.
It is a lofty goal I know, but I am sure it can be done. It is a huge logistical challenge and will require funding which I am continually exploring avenues to make possible.
COVID 19 has not helped this with many companies not having budget for anything, but I will persevere.

What you can do.

It is very simple – continue to be awesome.
All the members are amazing, some more amazing than others and I have formed an ad-hoc team with those people who help out when they are able to.

If you know of a photographer, even if they are a hobbyist, invite them. The more people that are inspired and motivated, the better the industry will become.
If we continue to help our fellow members, we all grow.

If you have a product or service and would like to partner with the initiative, get in touch, let’s see how we can work together to promote this amazing industry.

And a thank you to Canon South Africa

Canon South Africa and Roger Machin have supported the Hunters of Light from the start. They saw the opportunity to support the photography community with an insight into their products with the Moving into Movies presentation and the Colour Management Basics presentation. They have also provided 2 incredible giveaways which have been very well received.

I am a huge fan of Canon, they have supported me through thick & thin and I would highly recommend them as a brand that cares for the users of their products and will go out of their way to help you.
And when times are tough, they have stepped up.

I am humbled to see the Hunters of Light featured in Canon’s, even if you are not a Canon user, you can find some excellent content in the magazine.

Thank you for being a part of the Hunters of Light initiative everyone, I hope you have been inspired and are ready to take on the challenges that COVID 19 has presented us with.

Much love and stay safe.


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