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I am a 30 year old creative, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have 10 years of photographic experience under my belt, having spent countless hours photographing a multitude of different subjects.

These days, I have managed to focus my creative energy and found some sense of creative direction and idea as to where I want to take my skillset and direct my career within the medium of photography. Having spent a countless amount of hours and minutes over the last 10 years traversing Johannesburg (Durban and Cape Town, too) and all it’s sites and sounds, revealing a different side to the story of the city that I call home.

One blessing from 2020 – I was able to get into the world of videography, having spent some time in Cape Town to capture stories of hope for the Build for Better Initiative. The aim of the Build for Better Initiative is to help and place the light on the unsung hero’s within our communities, doing what they can, with what they have which sometimes is not much at all. We try to bring in assistance and sponsorships through the video’s that we put out there to the public as well as show that there are those within our communities trying to make a change for the benefit of those that surround them.

I aim to enter the world of fine art in 2021, where I look to change the intention behind the work through conceptual thinking and idea-making. Taking with me, all that I have learnt, not just from being a photographer myself, but from the last 5 years of assisting some of the best photographers & creatives at the top of the creative industry that South Africa has to offer. To name a few: Ingrid Alice Irsigler, Tim Hulme, Graeme Wyllie, Sean Laurenz, Jurie Potgieter and Karin Orzol. I feel that there is always something that one can learn, and about a million things and ways in which one can contribute toward the goals and ideas of other creatives, giving me a purpose beyond my own craft.

It would be my dream to one day have all the photographers I have worked with and alongside, collaborate on one huge project, where we all bring our collective minds together to create an insane collective work, but for now, I’m just happy to be here, doing what I can with myself or whomever needs an extra pair of eyes and hands.


Photography Interest

Full-time Professional


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Canon, Mamiya, Nikon

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