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Show your work, get booked, repeat.

Its our goal that every photographer, creative type, foodie, pottery studio, bike shop, fashion designer (you get the picture) should have a place on the interwebs.

When it comes to making it happen, it is more complicated and time consuming than you expected and the overall look of the site is never that awesome unless you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/weekend special who is a coder.


LIGHTBOX websites for creative people.
That is why we created LIGHTBOX websites for creative people, we provide the tools to create a professional photography website to showcase your work. It is super easy, no code, no nonsense, just beautiful websites.

Start a blog, add multiple portfolios each with their own description and display the images in a fullscreen lightbox. with your new LIGHTBOX  the interwebs are your oyster.

Add your services, some background about you and your contact info so you can gather stalkers, oops, followers on social media.


Why LightBox?
So back in the day, before megapixels, dslr’s and mirrorless, there was a thing called film.
Incredibly, the camera “saved” images on a roll of light sensitive film. And after only 24 or 36 shots, the roll was full!

To make things even easier and save on processing time for the photographer, the presets were already baked in depending on the film you used. Pretty snazzy hey, anyway…

Once processed, the transparencies were placed on box containing fluorescent tubes covered by a layer of perspex, a lightbox, to view the slides and film negatives.

These days stock photography websites used the term to house a collection of photos.

Hmm, do you see why a LIGHTBOX website is awesome.


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