Membership levels

Join the Hunters of Light Community and enjoy all the benefits of a Community focussed on improving their skills and helping others to do the same. You can choose how much content you would like to access and how that content is accessed. 

Please view the comparison table below to see the membership level and sign up.

Hunters of Light Membership level f32

f 32

An aperture of f32 will include a lot of information in your photograph. Connect with fellow photographers to network and improve your skills.
  • Selected Articles
  • Q&A
  • Product Reviews
  • Photo competition entry
  • Discussion Groups
  • Discussion Forums (Selected)
  • Online Store
Hunters of Light Membership level f16

f 16

Good old sunny 16.
You know your f-stop from your aperture, looks like its time to get serious.
R 60 Per Month
  • All Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Product Reviews
  • Photo competition entry
  • Q&A (Your questions answered.)
  • Discussion Groups & Forums
  • Suggest content ideas
  • Online Store
  • Partner Discounts
Hunters of Light Membership level f1.2

f 1.2

Shooting at f1.2 is like climbing Everest, in the rarefied atmosphere of razor-thin apertures, one mistake & you're done. Get it right & you're a rockstar!
  • All of the other great content plus...
  • Monthly 30min 1-2-1 Zoom sessions - share screens and discuss your questions.
  • Questions asked and answered via email
  • Monthly Photo Assignments or mini-personal projects to stimulate your creativity.
  • Direct input on content requests
  • Photo critiques
  • Partner discounts


Please select your preferred membership level and follow the steps to become a member of the Hunters of Light Community.

If you would just like to test the waters, select f32, but if you would like to view all the content, enter the competitions and generally be a rockstar, select sunny 16 (f16) and you can either pay monthly or as a single annual payment.

Level Price  
f32 Free. Select
f16 (Monthly) R 60.00 per Month. Select
f16 (Annual) R 660.00 per Year. Select

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