Open a press office for your Brand.

The amazing growth of the Hunters of Light initiative and in my opinion, its success, is down to the fact that there is a community hungry for inspiration and who want to feel supported by the Brands who’s gear they purchase.

As a Brand with a photography related product or service you have the opportunity to showcase your offering by providing content that educates, motivates and inspires, to an audience that has a strong desire to learn about photography, improve skills and their photography business.

Our membership has a very wide range of skill levels, which means that you are talking to professionals, hobbyists and those brand new to photography.

You have the opportunity to gain a fan and a client for life. And who doesn’t want Brand Loyalty?

The Hunters of Light Initiative is not just about learning to use your camera or flash, it’s about building a supportive community and I would love for you to be a part of it.

But that's not all...
Where else can you speak directly to your competitors users?

Unless i am mistaken, there is no other platform built around photography in South Africa that provides the opportunity for a Brand to speak directly to its competitor’s audience.

Imagine Brand X posting on Brand Y’s social media to promote a new lens or camera body. It just doesn’t happen.

The Hunters of Light provides just that opportunity.

Any Brand can open a press office and tell their story. By showcasing their new product or service, they have the unique opportunity to educate the community and potentially sway the opinion of another Brands user to try something different.

That is huge.

And that is why the following Brands have opened a press office on the Hunters of Light.

Our sign-writers are ready to put your name on your press office door.

If you are interested in opening a press office on the Hunters of Light please complete the form below.

We are more than happy to chat about how we can put your name up in lights and showcase your Brand, product or service to the photographic community.

We are passionate about photography and helping photographers grow their skills to uplift the industry, improve their photography business or just take a better photo.

And we know you can help us do that.