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If you are already a Patron member, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support. The more Patrons we have, the more we can do for you and the industry as a whole.

By subscribing as a Patron Member you are not only receiving additional content and services, but you are helping us keep the dream alive and we want to reward you for believing in and supporting the Hunters of Light Initiative.


Patron Members will be first in line with special offers, partner discounts and workshops. The offerings are listed below and include the Q&A, workshops, portfolio reviews and your images edited by the professionals. We hope to add to these over time based on your requests.

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Ask a PRO - Your questions answered

As part of our educate, motivate & inspire mission at the Hunters of Light we are providing our Patron members the opportunity to ask your questions and get responses from professionals that know their stuff. Your questions can range across all aspects of the photo industry: gear, marketing, vision, pricing, branding, light, models, work/life balance, technical advice, post production, anything you have questions about.

We would like to help you get ahead and improve your photography / kickstart your business / shoot in manual – whatever you have questions about, submit them using the form and our team will respond with a solution.


We will be adding a range of workshops from weekend getaways to exotic locations as well as half day and full day workshops. The workshops will be smaller groups so that you get more hands on attention and there are more opportunities to get your questions answered during the workshop.

Portfolio reviews

Is your portfolio for personal consumption, would you like to sell your images or are you trying to book jobs?

Our group of experts will review your portfolio and provide valuable insights into improvements that can help to wow your friends or book a job in Iceland shooting the new Audi RS3.

Edit my RAW file

So you have photographed an amazing, once in a lifetime image, but are wondering if your edit is showing off your photograph in the best way.

Submit your image and our experts will add their signature edit to your image and lets see just how many ways there are to skin a cat.

Show your work, get booked, repeat

Patron members are eligible for 1 month off their very own LIGHTBOX website. It is their goal that every photographer, creative type, foodie, pottery studio, bike shop, fashion designer (you get the picture) should have a place on the interwebs. It is super easy, no code, no nonsense, just beautiful websites