2022 Photography Ideas #1 Try a Different Genre

It's 2022 and time to look at your photography in a new light. Here is the first of 20 ways to refresh your photography and inspire you to go and grow your skills.
Try a Different Genre. Johan Greyling

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© Johan Greyling

One of the easiest things you can do if you’re looking for some excitement is to try an entirely new genre of photography. If you’re a landscape photographer, try shooting portraits. If you’re a wedding photographer, find some architectural scenes to capture. Or dip your toes into one of the more difficult genres of photography to master – astrophotography, microscope photography, underwater photography, and so on.

Or just try to branch out within the genre you already prefer. If you’re a wildlife photographer, look for animals that you don’t usually photograph. If you’re a portrait photographer, try taking portraits of strangers rather than clients or people you already know. Get out of your usual routine, and you’ll improve your skills almost every time.


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