2022 Photography Ideas #12 Scout for New Locations Nearby

It might feel as though you’ve exhausted all the local spots for photography, but that rarely ends up being true.
seraz abrahms

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If you’re a landscape photographer, have you scouted all the waterfalls or forests within a short drive of your house? For portrait photographers with a go-to location, are there parks or interesting buildings that you haven’t tested yet as backdrops? In either case, the answer is that you’ll almost certainly be able to find new places to photograph that you haven’t explored yet.

You don’t need to live in the middle of the mountains or the rainforest to find good landscapes and wildlife to photograph. Likewise, you can take great street photos even if you aren’t in New York City or Paris. We often overlook great nearby locations just because they’re familiar to us, but they can be a gold mine for great photographs.

Image © Seraz Abrahms


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