2022 Photography Ideas #15. Drive to Dark Sky Areas

Consider driving somewhere with a darker night sky and shooting the Milky Way.
kyle Goetsch

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If you enjoy landscape photography but can’t find many locations nearby to shoot, consider driving somewhere with a darker sky and shooting the Milky Way. That certainly isn’t possible for everyone, or at least it can take way too much driving, but it might apply to you. I live in an area with quite a bit of light pollution, but I am able to drive for a couple hours to find nearly clear skies.

Invite some friends along, photographers or not, and make a fun trip out of it. With the amount of light pollution today, not enough people have a chance to see a (relatively) clear Milky Way, and they might be very excited about the chance. There are several dark sky maps available online, such as this one, which you can use as a good resource.

Image ©kyle Goetsch


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