2022 Photography Ideas #19 Photograph Friends and Family

Even photographers who don’t usually shoot portraits are almost always better than non-photographers at photographing people.
photograph family

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Image ©Quintin Mills.

But I find that many photographers, regardless of their usual genre, just don’t take enough pictures of their friends and family.

This isn’t just for your own sake, although that’s an important part. It’s also something that many people find useful to have, for many reasons – their personal website, social media, spouse’s desk, and so on. And, of course, it provides a chance to practice different lighting and shooting styles with someone who will forgive you if the photos turn out badly.

I photographed all the attendees at my in-laws 50th anniversary against a white garage door in the open shade as an anniversary gift and I love these images of my son and daughter.
Simple, black and white and the images turned out so well.

It is a little heart breaking so see how many of those who were there are no longer with us, but that should be the point of capturing great family images.


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