2022 photography ideas #2. Start a Photo Per Day Project

Here is the second idea in the series of 20 ways to refresh your photography and inspire you to go and grow your skills.
Start a Photo-Per-Day Project. Plony Bos

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When many people start brainstorming photography ideas, one of the first things they’ll think of is a weekly or daily photo project. It’s quite common to hear about projects like this online, and for good reason – they keep photography on your mind throughout the year.

Sometimes, photo-per-day (365 Projects) or photo-per-week (52 Projects) have a dedicated theme. The first week might be shadows, the next is red and blue, the third is texture and so on. Other times, it’s more about creating a personal goal – making sure you actually take at least one good photo each day of the year, for example.

Even if you don’t do a strict photography project, it is still a good idea to take photos regularly throughout the year, without major gaps. You don’t want to lose any creativity or muscle memory for your camera, so why not start a photo per day project today.


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