2022 Photography Ideas #21 Shoot Some Film

Film is seeing a resurgence these days, and it’s no surprise why.
Alternative Print Workshop Pinhole Workshop

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Image : ©Dennis Da Silva

The fun of film is off the charts, and it’s a very tangible way to create a photo: nothing but light and chemicals.

Film comes in all flavors, from light-leak experimental 35mm film to ultra-high resolution 4×5, 8×10, and ultra-large formats. No matter what type you try, I think you’ll learn something new about photography and enjoy the process along the way.

Even if you’re a veteran film user and film isn’t new to you, it’s still fun to pull out your old 35mm camera and shoot a few rolls. You may find that it brings back a few aspects of how you used to shoot that could be relevant on digital as well.

Or even better, sign up for the The Pinhole workshop with the Alternative print workshop and build your own camera from scratch, expose a number of films and print them in a traditional darkroom.



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