2022 Photography Ideas #4 Use a New Post-Processing Style

Here is the fourth idea in the series of 20 ways to refresh your photography and inspire you to go and grow your skills.
Use a New Post-Processing Style. Keith Windsor McRostie Quixley

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Experimentation isn’t only part of photography in the field. It applies just as well to post-processing work – even more, perhaps, given the extraordinary number of post-processing tutorials available to try out wildly different types of photography.

Try out double exposure post-processing techniques. Turn your images into more of a conceptual piece, where you are blending multiple photos together into one. Or, add text to an image so it looks like a poster or magazine spread. You don’t need to be a Photoshop master to make something interesting and creative – though you’ll definitely improve your editing skills along the way.


Image © Keith Windsor McRostie Quixley


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