2022 Photography Ideas #6 Try Creative Lighting and Flash Gels

Expand your creative potential with your flash.
Try Creative Lighting and Flash Gels. Martini-Coetzee

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If you shoot with a flash, you’re probably trying to do it the “correct” way – bouncing it off walls or ceilings, diffusing it to avoid harsh shadows, and carefully balancing it with ambient light. As reasonable as that may be, it only scratches the surface of the creative potential of flash.

For starters, try using flash gels to light your subject with interesting and unusual colours. Don’t be afraid of harsh shadows; light the image so half the photo is an intense silhouette. Of course, none of this is a good idea for actual events, but chances are good that you’ll discover a new technique you like and can carry over to the rest of your work.

Image: © Martini Coetzee


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