2022 Photography Ideas #8 Experiment with “Wrong” Settings

No one should shoot handheld images with a 5 second shutter speed, or macro photos at f/2.8 with nonexistent depth of field.
Experiment with “Wrong” Settings. pierre venter

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Except when you should.

In reality, there are a lot of “wrong” camera settings that just don’t work for typical images. That’s fine if your goal is to get a perfectly sharp photo that presents your subject in the standard way. Sometimes, though, experimenting with unusual camera settings will give you a better result than any other method.

So, next time that you’re looking for some new photography ideas, try shooting the same old subjects with very different settings (including different lenses and post-processing styles). Do a whole street photography session with a telephoto lens and long shutter speeds, or a landscape photoshoot with the widest aperture on your lens. Whether or not the photos work out, they certainly won’t be ordinary.

Image: Pierre Venter


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