A Lockdown Survival Guide for Photographers & Creative Business Owners

Regardless of what you photograph, your business will have been adversely affected by restrictions put in place to curb the spread of COVID 19. It will affect your creative business, however it doesn’t have to mean complete closure or financial ruin. Keeping your business going right now requires some mindset shifts and some tactical manoeuvres.
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Having survived our mega lockdown in 2020 and come out of the other side with a thriving photography business, I’ve put together a Lockdown Survival Guide for Photographers, a guide to the strategies I implemented that you can also replicate. Here’s what I did:

  • I accepted the fact that I couldn’t work as normal. It took me a good week or so to come to terms with my anger and frustration, but I made peace with the restrictions. I’ve found in life that most unhappiness comes from fighting against things I can’t control. This was an opportunity to learn to let go and go with the flow.
  • I brainstormed what I could do to keep busy and put an action plan in place so I had some tasks to work on each day and some goals to aim for.
  • I followed up with clients who had outstanding invoices and orders & pulled in as much money as I could.
  • I offered gift vouchers for photoshoots later in the year.
  • I kept up my schedule of posting on social media & sending newsletters to my mailing list.
  • I made new work, mostly of my dogs and daughter, but I shot new work and I shared it.
  • I connected with other creative business owners and shared their experience with my coaching community to keep inspiring other creatives to stay upbeat.
  • I worked on my website.
  • I kept working with my coach on my mindset and business goals.
  • I watched tutorials, listened to inspirational podcasts and did what I could to learn new business building techniques.

I relentlessly took action from my desk at home which paid off in a big way. As soon as I reopened, I had shoot bookings from clients who’d been enjoying what I’d shared on social media and I was fully booked from September through to mid December. Doing the work works!

The one thing I didn’t do and wish I had done was rest. The hard lockdown here flew past and I wish I’d taken a few days of downtime when there was a gap. Resting is something I’m working on, so if you feel tired, rest. It’s ok.

If you’re reading this and feeling completely lost, I’m here to help. Strategy and mindset work are my areas of expertise and I love coaching other photographers and creatives through challenges. Pop me a message here if you’d like to speak to me – Contact me.

Or feel free to book a FREE strategy call in here.


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