A Split Second Story. Canon’s Redline Challenge photography competition

Amateur photographers can enter to win a Canon EOS R5 bundle together with a priceless mentoring session with award-winning documentary photographer Laura El-Tantawy
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Canon Europe is celebrating World Photography Day with the launch of its second Redline Challenge, an annual photography competition for amateur photographers to demonstrate their technical ability and creativity. The competition is free to enter and invites aspiring photographers to capture ‘A Split Second Story’, demanding precision, a unique perspective and good sense of timing from entrants. The theme gives hobbyist photographers of every genre the chance to put their skills to the test, whether that’s capturing the execution of an advanced skateboarding trick or an animal staring right into your lens at the right time.

The competition will be hosted by world-renowned vlogger and photographer, Kai Wong, and judged by a panel of industry experts and Canon representatives, including Canon Ambassador Laura El-Tantawy – an award-winning documentary photographer. Laura’s work has been displayed in both group and solo exhibitions worldwide. It’s also been published internationally in a range of newspapers and magazines.

Over 36,000 images were submitted to Canon’s Redline Challenge last year, which was themed ‘Light in the Dark’. Last year’s winner, Piotr Skryzypiec, who captured the winning image entitled ‘Lost Highway’ of the Črni Kal Viaduct in Slovenia shrouded in fog, said: “This prize has given me a lot more confidence in my photographic skills. I got really comfortable shooting with the Canon EOS R5, it is perfect for the kind of photography I do, such as landscapes, wildlife and macro. But the best of it all was going out and shooting together with Canon Ambassador Lorenz Holder.”

Submissions may be taken on any device and every participant is permitted to send in one entry during the competition period1. Images submitted will be judged based on technical prowess, creativity, emotional impact and how closely it reflects the challenge. The final winner will be announced in early October and will receive a Canon EOS R5 and Canon RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM lens, alongside an online photo assignment with mentoring from Canon Ambassador Laura El-Tantawy.

Speaking about the Redline Challenge, Canon Ambassador Laura El-Tantawy said: “I am very excited about this year’s theme as it speaks to the essence of photography itself. Photography is all about capturing powerful emotion, about us as humans, how I feel about the moment in front of me. As a judge, I’ll be looking for a story. I am also hoping for an element of surprise. But more so, I want to see a unique perspective, how entrants see the world through their own eyes. Everything’s been photographed to a certain extent, so what I really want to see is the personality behind the lens.”

Entries are open from 00:01 GMT on 19th August and will close at 23:59 GMT on 16th September 2022.

To enter the Canon Redline Challenge 2022, please visit: https://www.canon.co.za/get-involved/redline-challenge/


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