Are you ready for our first live edit with Gemma Rainn?

Gemma is a true Hunter of Light. I saw her work, I asked her if she would like to do a live edit, she said yes. I then asked if she would be interested in coming on board as our Retouching contributor and she said absolutely!
Live edit Gemma Rainn hunters of light

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Are you ready for our first live edit with Gemma Rainn? Ask yourself, why pass on an amazing opportunity to watch a retouching live edit from such a talented and passionate creative.

The Hunters of Light is proud to bring you our very first live edit this Saturday at 11 am. All you need to do is be on the Hunters of Light Facebook page ( just before 11 am and when the Livestream starts join in.
We will be taking questions and comments and would love to have you interact with Gemma and I.

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Besides the fact that I would greatly appreciate it and it will help the channel. There are over 80 hours of content there, from food photography to sports, styling, the list goes on. And we will now be adding Live edits!

See you guys on Saturday at 11.




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