Art Photography Gallery opening – 9 October 2020

If you’re in Cape Town on Friday and looking for something to do, this is an exciting event to attend. Martin Osner’s brand new Art Photography Gallery space is opening in Woodstock. The event is free, but booking is critical.
Art Photography Gallery opening

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Art Photography Gallery opening – 9 October 2020.

In March of 2020, we managed to find the perfect location for the gallery. The new site is in the heart of Woodstock, in an area undergoing urban renewal.

It is nearby most of South Africa’s most significant and well-established art galleries, like the GoodmanStevenson and Smac Galleries and is also not far from the Zeitz Mocca Museum of Contemporary African Art. The new gallery location forms part of a widened art hub in Cape Town. The position could not be more perfect for Martin and Samantha vision for the future. Besides the framed pieces on display, the gallery will also stock a large quantity of the most popular prints, for immediate purchase. Prints and frames are available for shipping worldwide.

The new gallery is larger than the old space in the Cape Quarter will be open from October 2020.

Click here to book.


Art Photography Gallery opening


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