Chasing Snow with Emil Von Maltitz

For many landscape photographers in South Africa, the dream is to be able to capture compelling snowscapes in our mountains.
Chasing Snow with Emil Von Maltitz
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This year in particular has brought beautiful snowfall to the Cape and the Drakensberg Mountains. Getting the timing right though is a juggle between work and family commitments as well as predicting and getting the timing right on the weather itself. Fortuitous timing and a whole lot of luck allowed Emil von Maltitz to capture a series of images he has been chasing for the better part of a decade.

When I saw his images, I was immediately disappointed that I had not made the effort to chase the snow. But what chatting to him had given me is the motivation to just go out there and experience nature, shoot landscapes and put together Hunters of Light Landscape workshops on conjunction with Emil.

Want to learn how to create amazing landscape images?

The Hunters of Light in conjunction with Emil will be putting together landscape photography workshops to teach you how to create beautiful images when you are out shooting landscapes. You will benefit from expert advice, have a great experience and you will walk away with some incredible images.

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