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On a personal journey through Oman, photographer Matt Porteous asked local people to assist his lighting setups.
Matt Porteous

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During our trip through Oman, we headed home from Kumzar in a small rowing boat. That evening, when the sun was still high, the huge cliffs created an early sunset-effect with an incredible golden hue.

© Matt Porteous
I used my Elinchrom gear to balance the light disappearing behind the ridge, and captured these beautiful portraits of our new friend Mohammed.

© Matt Porteous
Whilst shooting portraits in the village of Kumzar, my Elinchrom lighting allowed us to capture some of the reasons we headed to Oman to shoot; their sustainable fishing, practiced at dusk for thousands of years, was demonstrated by our friend in the evening and illuminated by the Elinchrom ELB 400 and Rotalux Octabox 135.

© Matt Porteous

“Use lighting to bring attention to things that can’t always take centre stage.”
I love how the lighting gets everyone involved on location; my fiancée Mandy helped out, and I like to engage with local people by asking them to assist with lighting, with their curiosity turning into them playing a role in the project.

© Matt Porteous
These two pieces of Elinchrom equipment are my favourite; for me, it is crucial to use lighting to highlight every detail and bring attention to things that don’t – and can’t – always take centre stage.

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© Matt Porteous

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