Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase #1

Super talented, hard working and sometimes a little shy of the limelight. Here is a selection of south African photographers you should be checking out. Please visit their social media and check out their work. And if you like what you see, celebrate them by liking and sharing their work.
Bianca Theron - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

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I have had a lot of fun scouring the interwebs for epic women photographers in South Africa. I have found some incredible work and would really like to showcase as many of them as i can. I have taken the list of the names added in the poll on the Facebook Group and added a few of mine to the mix and reached out to them.


I requested a single image to describe them, their style and I also asked for a single paragraph describing themselves and their photography journey. Those who have responded will be featured in a series of posts in no particular order under the title “Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase”.

Here are the first 10 Epic #womensmonth photographers,

Please feel free to add your voice to the discussion in the comments below and of course, send me more names via q@huntersoflight.co.za.

Claire Gunn

Tintswalo Claire Gunn - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

I love several aspects of food-related photography: Documentary of hospitality theatre, very close-up imagery of food that is mostly creamy-blurred with a slice of tack-sharp focus and liquid-glass-light where the image bends because of light hitting multiple glass obscurations through the camera.
The documentary of the kitchen teams at work is what I hunt with the most excitement. I prefer to create an image of food that is on the move in-situ – on the kitchen pass or being carried to a table or partially eaten or being plated. Shooting food that is finished and set up already is fine for getting the safe shots that we need to deliver commercially, but hunting and being surprised by catching a split second movement is what keeps me coming back.

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Ingrid Irsigler

Ingrid Alice Irsigler - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Ingrid Alice is a Creative high-end, Fashion & Portrait Photographer & Director from South Africa. A photographer who creates a wonderland of her own. Known fondly as the “Queen Of Colour” Ingrid’s expressive use and love of colour has become synonymous with her style of work. Her distinct visionary style of colourful, bold storytelling and whimsical imagery has appeared on magazine covers, editorials and advertising campaigns for clients globally.

Taking Africa to the world!
Ingrid is passionate about creating an international platform for African talent and show-casing diversity in fashion, ambitiously paving the way for African design in her quest to take Africa to the world!

This years achievements, chosen as one of nine photographers by the world renowned Museum of Art and Cultural History Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig-Holstein to participate in the humanitarian project for Saatkultur* representing the creative art of photography.
Hand picked by the secretary-general of the United Nations as one of 10 photographers worldwide to represent fashion photography in a campaign for vaccine equality for the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Presented to world leaders in Geneva and reported on Sky News and The Times.
Three projects featured in the official Pantone 2020/2021 colour trend book, including inspiring a new Pantone colour called Afro Black.

Profoto Ambassader
Nikon Top 100 Global Photographer.

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Danielle Carstens

Danielle Carstens - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Danielle is was born and raised in South Africa, with an inherent love for wild places and animals. Being able to win the trust of an animal and be in their presence while capturing it well is what makes her tick. She has been taking photos for as long as she can remember and her camera has taken her to some of the most pristine wildlife areas in Africa. She now resides in the Chobe region of northern Botswana and works as a photographic guide for Pangolin Photo Safaris, where she gets the opportunity to share her love for wildlife and photography with guests from all over the world on a daily basis. Her favourite subjects to photograph ? Owls and chameleons!

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Kim Stevens

Mim Stevens - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase
Since being inspired by a few courses with master photographer Freeman Paterson in the early 2000s, photography has become both a passion and an addiction and I can never stop seeing the world in images.
I enjoy all genres of photography, especially architecture and architectural landscapes, long exposures ,wildlife and street photography.
I have a passion for the classics and am happiest in a darkened theatre photographing ballet and opera performances.
I love to travel and explore new horizons with my camera, searching for light and compositions to tell my story.
I have served on the council of the Cape Town Photographic Society for the past seven years , where I head up the Education and Development portfolio.
I have led photographic workshops to Venice and to Rhodes in South Africa.

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Grethe Rosseaux

Grethe Rosseaux - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Grethe Rosseaux is a Helderberg/Cape Town-based editorial photographer and retoucher, with a BA from Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.

Her work ranges from elaborate styled visions to fresh editorial stories, all executed with a keen eye for detail – meticulously polished and powered by a personal aesthetic of simple, striking elegance.

Grethe’s work has appeared in some of the top publications in the fashion sphere, including Vogue UK, Cosmopolitan, ELLE and Glamour.

Website | Instagram


Manyatsa Monyamane

Manyatsa Monyamane - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Raised in Mamelodi, Manyatsa Monyamane is a Johannesburg-based artist and visual storyteller.  In high school, Manyatsa started taking photographs with a point and shoot family camera and later went on to study photography. “My photography is aimed at creating an archive and to serve some sort of historic record, while putting a spotlight on unpopular themes and subject matters and celebrating everyday life,”  She was a finalist at Pop Cap 2016 and, in 2017, a Multi & New Media Merit Award Winner – all for the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards. Her work has won her a place in the top 10 of the 2017 Absa L’Atelier. In 2018, she was announced as a finalist for the International Women Photographers Award, with a travelling exhibition in Dubai, New Delhi, Tokyo and Paris.

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Bianca Theron

Bianca Theron - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Bianca’s photographs are complex studies in simplicity. Her work focuses on the essentials of her subjects, allowing beautiful lighting and simple composition to draw you in for another look. She is inspired by innovation, emotion and energy, and approaches each shoot with careful planning and a clear detailed vision of the final outcome.

With more than 10 years of experience in the photographic industry, adopting varied roles across her career, Bianca has gained a unique understanding of the ever-changing creative environments. This has taught her flexibility to change and creatively adapting to meet required expectations. Communicating, collaborating and managing teams has become second nature.

Bianca is a self motivated person, and works with absolute integrity.

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Tarryn Goldman

Tarryn Goldman - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Photography is the format that I’ve chosen because I feel this mad need to create. If it wasn’t photography, it would be painting or music or any other form of outlet, but I chose photography because it has that wonderful balance of technical skill and creativity. I am constantly learning and discovering, pushing myself. Photography is, at the simplest base, the study of light and it documents the passing of time and I believe both of those things are essential to us as a human race and to me as a person. The way the world is heading today, I honestly believe that photographers add to the side standing in the light and I believe that whatever genre they choose, they do it to add beauty and justice into a very dark world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Darrell Fraser

Darrell Fraser - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

I am a female photographer specialising in weddings, portraits and commercial shoots. I also own two other businesses and found that photography plays a huge part in both.

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Boudoir By Kelly

Kelly East - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

I am a full time boudoir photographer with a passion for empowering women and how they see themselves through the art of photography. I especially enjoy the use of light to create mood and highlight a woman’s natural beauty and features.

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