Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase #2

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Tania Cholwich - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

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Here are the second 10 Epic #womensmonth photographers.

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Kat Grudko

Kat Grudko - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Kat Grudko went to college to study interior design and ended up getting a degree in graphic design instead. In the process she tried her hand at modeling and fell in love with being on the other side of the lens, and with photography in general. She has now been a full time photographer for 13 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Kat’s photography career began with shooting events and fashion in Johannesburg. She then decided to take the leap and move to Cape Town and has been living in and loving Cape Town life for almost 5 years now. Here she enjoyed shooting fashion and lifestyle primarily, and still does occasionally, but since Covid, Kat has put a more intentional focus on boudoir photography and intimate portraiture under the brand name Exotic Boudoir. Some serious reflection in this time of self-isolation helped her realise that her passion is in helping women to find their inner Goddess and giving them the means to express themselves through imagery that captures their beauty and their soul.

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Meghan McCabe

Meghan McCabe - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase
My name is Meghan McCabe and I am a full time Photographer / Videographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am proudly a brand ambassador for Thule – my camera and travel bags and Olympus- my camera gear.My photographic career started in 2012 and grew rapidly as my passion for capturing the action packed world of motorsport took over. I won Motorsport South Africa Photographer of the Year in 2013 which launched my then hobby  into a full time career shooting all forms of racing around the country.As my career grew my passion changed, it became more about tranquil sunsets in the African bush than screeching tyres,  So I began to explore the world of wildlife, learning and capturing the beautiful planet we call home.I specialize in Motorsport and Action Photography, Portraits and Wildlife.This keeps the adventure alive and the passion for photography constantly growing, it also gives me a platform to share with fellow photographers, hosting wildlife photography courses and photographic walks in these different genres. One of my favorite sayings by Alfred Eisenstaedt is “ When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear”.

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Miss Hepburn

kylie hepburn - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

I consider myself a cinematic dreamer that fully believes in the empowerment of the individual within. As an artist and professional portrait photographer the creative process works hand in hand with the onset chemistry.  Being an educator and retoucher has only further pushed the envelope in my photographic career.
Having had 10 years experience in the advertising industry there’s nothing more exciting to me than sharing the joys of set life while delivering a shoot.

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Kate Jonker

Kate Jonker - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Kate Jonker is an underwater photo journalist whose passion lies with sharing her love of the ocean and her underwater experiences with others through photography and storytelling.

“Photography is a fantastic medium with which to create an awareness of the beauty – and plight – of our oceans. Images can stir many emotions and we, as underwater photographers, have the opportunity to tell visual stories about our underwater world to encourage its protection and preservation.”

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Kate is a regular contributor to underwater photography and diving magazines and her images have been awarded in both local and international photography competitions. A regular judge in underwater photography competitions, she teaches underwater photography and is a qualified dive boat skipper and dive guide for Indigo Scuba Diving Centre which she and her husband own and run in Gordon’s Bay.

Kate uses a Nikon D850 in an Isotta underwater housing and uses both Inon Z240 and Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes to light her underwater images. Her go-to lenses for underwater photography are the Nikon 105mm and 60mm macro lenses and the Nikon 8-15 fisheye lense. As an Ambassador for OrcaTorch dive and video lights, she uses a range of OrcaTorch lights for my photography, videos and guiding.

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Tarryn Hatchett

Terry Hatchett - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

I’m a cinema obsessed photographer with a background in acting and art direction who aims to explore intriguing narratives and strong characters in my work. Specialising in portraiture, fashion, and art photography, I love the way a photograph can give pause, breath and ceremony to the fleeting visuals of life. Inclusivity, connection, self-expression, tenderness and the visual exploration of youth culture are themes at the heart of my work. Photography serves as a medium for me to pay intimate attention to life. As a wildly introverted person, photography also helps me to express and share in the beauty that I find along the way. One of my favourite modes of working is collaborating with musicians to create aesthetics for musical works. I’ve shot two album covers for award-winning singer-songwriter (and all round brilliant mind) Nakhane – who’s work you should absolutely listen to if you haven’t already. I’m also an aspiring director, who in addition to Michael Rodrigues, make up the directing duo ShutUp,Virgina! . Together we have co-directed two music videos for The Tazer’s – “Plastic Kids” and “Dream Machine”, as well as “Ghosts” for Small Fears (featuring Shadowclub’s Jacques Moolman), with another music video project that we are very amped about and are waiting to release.

I was lucky enough to be recipient of the Adobe Rising Stars of Photography Award in 2017, and have had work published on a billboard in Time Square, as well as having had portraits featured in Vogue Germany and The New York Times. I have been lucky enough to shoot cover and feature stories for Elle Magazine South Africa, Cosmopolitan South Africa, Elle Deco and Sunday Times. Brand clients include Mr Price Project, Superbalist, Scottish Leader and Dr. Martens amongst others.

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Corlette Wessels

Corlette Wessels - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Photography is not just a hobby to me, it is my passion!

Photos takes you back in time, the time that you once again can smell the air, hear the sounds and feel the emotions of that special moment you captured.  I prefer to capture special moments in nature, photos that show emotions in the hope that my images elicit an emotional response in the viewer. I trust my “gut”  and my wide experience of nature to get that special photo and rely a lot on my instinct when I shoot, based on emotion that comes from my own soul.People always asked me how do I managed to get that shot, my answer is always that with Digital you cannot really take a bad picture. So you need to make sure you know nature better than the other person and as I said previously look for the moment, capture the emotion and the technology will look after itself. How many people have missed photo opportunities, because the fiddle with the settings.My motto towards nature: If you show love and respect towards it and its creatures, it will always reveal its jewels.

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Tania Cholwich

Tania Cholwich - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase
I absolutely love what I do.
Ten years ago I fell in love with photography and I have never looked back.
Photography is my way  of capturing flawless moments and enabling them to last a  lifetime.
It’s a medium which I utilise to present various elements of this world seen from many different perspectives.
I put a lot of work and effort into my photographs as it is a mirror image of my inner being.
Photography is not only my passion, it is my way of thinking and my way of life.
A single photograph captures the essence of a thousand words.

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Jodie Bieber

Jodie Bieber - Epic #womensmonth photographer showcase

Bieber’s passion and focus is on the country of her birth, South Africa, within the framework of the political ,societal and economic circumstances of our times whilst still taking a worldview into consideration. Her life experience also influences her choices. Some of themes she explore deals with contemporary issues related to Gender, Politics and Identity often contradicting the vision mainstream media projects.

Her numerous bodies of work are exhibited both locally and internationally in museums, galleries and institutions. She has won numerous international awards including the Premier Award at World Press Photo in 2010 for her photograph of Bibi Aisha whose nose and ears were cut off in Afghanistan by her husband and in-laws to teach other women in her village not to run away from their husbands The photograph appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine in 2010.

Her photographs are housed in some significant collections like The Artur Walther Collection ,The François Pinault Collection,The Oppenheimer Collection; The Johannesburg Art Gallery, Iziko Museums Collection; Jean Paul Blachere Foundation.
She mentors and guides students producing projects; she lectures and mentor’s on photographic workshops all over the world and gives one on one sessions via zoom or in person.

On the centenary anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK, the Royal Photographic Society named me as one of The Hundred Heroines end 2018
End 2019, NY Times and CNN included her photograph of Bibi Aisha in the top 100 photographs that influenced the previous decade.

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