Exciting announcement coming on 1 February

Exciting announcement coming on 1 February about the Creative Showcase live streams, Masterclasses, Tutorials etc. Woohoo, can't wait!
POTW Competition: Wheels

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Wow, and just like that it’s the last Friday of January 2021 and it is 330 days till Christmas! I hope you all have some photography planned for the weekend, for those who have shot all week, that is awesome news!

Exciting announcement coming on 1 February.

I have some great news about the way I will be structuring the creative showcase live streams, Masterclasses, tutorials, etc going forward. It is all about providing the best value for you guys.
It’s always been about education, motivation and inspiration – and if I can swing it, get some sponsors on board for some cool giveaways as well :-).

I will be making an announcement on Monday about the changes and will also be sending out a newsletter about it. I am really excited and I think you will be too.
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POTW: Wheels

The Photo of the week theme is Wheels, there are some great images already posted on the website – have you posted yours?
Remember the winner is chosen by YOU, so please visit the POTW Competitions page and vote for your best images.

Hope you all have a great Friday.

Much love and stay safe.


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