February is Portrait Month – Announcing monthly themes.

In our mission to educate, motivate and inspire our members and the photographic community at large, I am happy to announce the Hunters of Light is developing content around monthly themes.

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Photo credit: @christystrever

February is Portrait Month – Announcing monthly themes and supporting these monthly themes would be creative and product/brand presentations, tutorials, discussion forums a zoom meetup and possibly a live shoot. I am hoping these monthly themes and the content built around them will encourage more people to be involved and help improve their photography skills.

The monthly theme will have various elements depending on the theme and what can be done in a safe environment during the pandemic. These would all tie into the theme and provide engaging content and interactive elements for the end-user.

Creative showcase

45-60min live-streamed presentation of creative portrait photography. 1 or more photographers on the same live stream discussing Creative Portraiture and showing their examples.

Brand Presentations

45-60min live-streamed presentation by a brand providing products or services to the industry. In the case of portrait photography, this could be cameras, lenses, lighting, diffusers etc.


Tutorials on lighting techniques, using gels, post-production techniques and retouching.


Articles on a range of disciplines all relating to portrait photography. Contributors include photographers, stylists, retouchers, Brands, legal professionals, business coaches, etc.

Live shoots/edits and or panel discussions

A live shoot covering lighting techniques, lenses, gels. Or a Zoom panel discussion covering the elements of a creative portrait shoot. Model releases, locations, production meetings, stylists and the “creative idea”.  A live-edit of an image from a portrait shoot to show workflow & other post-production techniques used when editing a portrait. A RAW file provided for the members to edit with the best image winning a prize from the Brand or a sponsor.


Dream big or go home!

This is a huge undertaking so I am dreaming big and holding thumbs to see how much I can pull together. I already have 3 incredible photographers for the creative showcase, I am speaking to a few photography Brands so let’s see how the month pans out.

I am sure after a few months I will see what is possible for me to organise and the monthly themes will evolve accordingly. If you are a creative, business owner, entrepreneur or photography related brand would like to get involved in any way, please contact me using hello@huntersoflight.co.za. I am always looking for content that provides value to the Hunters of Light members and if there are photography related brands that would like to contribute items for giveaways and prizes that would be incredible.


February is Portrait Month

Check out the announcement on the Hunters of Light Youtube channel.

Creative showcase Emmy Ojo Aromokundu

Fashion and Beauty Portraits in the studio.

Emmy Ojo Aromokundu will be talking about the fashion and beauty portraits that he shoots in the studio, how he works, what inspires him and how he approaches post-production for his images. Please join us live, we look forward to your questions and showing you his work.


Creative showcase: Tarryn Goldman

The Impasto process and the images that I currently love shooting.

If you have never heard of the Impasto process, you will be amazed by the images Tarryn Goldman has created using this technique. Tarryn will be talking about her latest portrait photography going through everything from her inspiration to her processes, materials, set building and actual production of images and she will even touch a little on the post-production. So if you have ever wondered where to find inspiration or how to actually put a shoot together, make sure you add this to your calendar.


Creative showcase: Christy Strever. nFood Selfies: Modelling, makeup, ideas and editing.

Food Selfies: Modelling, makeup, ideas and editing.

I started the food selfies in 2017, my very first post was with a pineapple on my head and I took from there. I got ideas from Cristina Otero, who a few years before had done a tutti frutti range of food selfies. Her work is inspirational!

Then I started getting the hang of it and trying my own ideas and designs. I started to build props and buy better makeup. It took a lot of practice but I finally managed to start getting them to look more editorial.
I do everything myself, modelling, makeup, ideas, editing…it can be very difficult on your own.

There was a design school in Italy who used my portfolio as an art project. They had a team of 9 people and they duplicated a few of my portraits. I was so excited to see how they would turn out because having 9 people on one pic would be epic! They did an amazing job, it also showed me how much I can achieve on my own and to not be so hard on myself.

I have to be in full creative swing and in the mood to be in front of the camera for any of these pictures to work.


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