Natural landscape photography awards

The idea of photographic projects, bodies of work that are related through geography, subject matter or ideas, have been promoted by most photography practitioners as a way of developing your vision and making your work more meaningful.
carl smorenburg

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Sourced from On Landscape by Tim Parkin.

Although the single image is the goal of many photographers, the relationships between images in a project can convey more about the subject and how the photographers see it, than any single image.

As such, it was a goal of On Landscape from the start of the competition to include a project category with the hope that it would be well supported. They needn’t have worried though, they received 4000 images across nearly 400 projects on a whole range of subjects and there were some amazing entries. Tim Parkin thought it would be interesting to share some of the winners here and also some of the more interesting project submissions.

Our very own Carl Smorenburg, a runner-up, is featured. Click here to read more and view the images.

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