Spring is in the air and its time to photograph the elements.

We have one of the best countries in the world for landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and everything in between. I think #elementsmonth is going to bring with it loads of amazing images.
Elements month on the Hunters of Light

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Well maybe not in the air all the time, but certainly from 11am to 2pm here in Johannesburg 🙂 I can’t wait for the warmth of the sun, walking on hiking trails, photographing the birds showing off their colours – it really is a great time to be alive.


So this month the theme is #elementsmonth. We are so excited about the theme, just about wherever you point your lens you can capture the elements. I am talking waterfalls, waves, sand dunes, the desert – exciting stuff. Even though fire is not always the best element for landscapes, it can produce some fantastic images.

This months prize is a Canon EF70-200 f4L IS II  & a Lowepro Passport Messenger bag both sponsored by Canon South Africa.

This is such a great prize so don’t leave it too late.
Good luck!

Creative showcase

This month i am speaking to Jay Caboz about his fantastic elements images, one of which has been used in the promo images for the theme. I am also going to be speaking to Emil Von Maltitz to hear about his recent photography trip on the Darkensberg escarpment. I can’t wait to hear what it was like shooting in those conditions and living in a tent while doing it.

I hope this is an incredible month for you, please share this theme with all your photography friends so that we can experience the incredible images when they go out and photograph the elements this #elementsmonth.


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