The Hunters of Light Photographer Contract Template is available.

As a photographer, you should know your rights and set the terms of any photography job in writing. This is where a photography contract comes in.  We have developed this Photographer Contract to cover the areas most photographers would need.
The Hunters of Light Photographer Contract Template is here.

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The team is exceptionally happy to announce the release of the Hunters of Light Photographer Contract Template.

We feel strongly that we should try and help photographers protect themselves and their livelihoods from situations that could have been prevented if a contract was in place.

If you had to approach a Lawyer for a Photographer contract you would be looking at R2500 and upwards depending on where you go. We approached Tanya Vosloo from Sandenbergh Vosloo Attorneys, a Hunters of Light Service provider, to prepare a Photographer Contract Template that covers the areas most photographers would need, but, and this is a big one, for less than 10% of the cost. This gives fantastic coverage to any photographer needing a contract to protect themselves.

Why do you need a photographer contract?

We want to trust all our clients. But sometimes misunderstandings happen, and things can get messy. There are several reasons to have a legal contract in place for your clients and the first is to set the terms of any photography job in writing.

Usually, the misunderstandings are honest mistakes, but they can still cause headaches and profit loss.
Contracts also set the stage for a legitimate and professional business transaction, your clients will take the process more seriously and they’ll know that there are clear terms and consequences.

It also solidifies your image as a business owner if you have a set process for them to go through.

Finally, having a photography contract strengthens the trust between you and the client. There are no surprises, and the client knows exactly what to expect!

Need something more specific?

If you would like additional coverage or a customised contract please contact Tanya Vosloo from Sandenbergh Vosloo Attorneys to see how she can protect you and your business.

Please click here to purchase the contract on the Hunter of Light shop.


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