The November / December theme is Automotive & Motorsport photography

Reflective surfaces, luxurious leather interiors, rubber, oil and the smell of racing fuel. For the next two months imagine yourself being an Automotive & Motorsport photographer.
Ford GT Spa 2016. Drew Gibson

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While Automotive & Motorsport photography presents several challenges, the motorsport genre also has several opportunities to get the perfect shot. The track, for example, can help make motorsports more predictable than other sports photography. Add in multiple laps, and motorsports present a great opportunity for photographers to practice fast action photography.

I can’t say why I have not photographed more motorsport in my career, I had the opportunity when Subaru South Africa was a client, the Kyalami Race and Zwartkops tracks are right on my doorstep. Maybe this theme can help push me to get trackside and start building a portfolio of motorsport images.

But let’s not forget that there are some beautiful cars, bikes and trucks off the track and shooting them requires all your photography skills, lens choices,  composition and technique to create stand out Automotive & Motorsport photography.

This month is all about beautiful photography of beautiful automotive artworks. From looking amazing in your garage to leaving light trails on a winding mountain pass.


©Cameron Venti


Let’s not stop there, automotive designers spend so much time on the details. Badges, angles and interiors offer amazing opportunities to create beautiful images.

smith and daniels 020-lexus-interior-automotive-photography

©Smith and Daniels





Photography competition

And of course, the theme for the photography competition is also Automotive & Motorsport. We want to see action, colours, excitement, so experiment with fast shutter speeds and slow shutters speeds, details, lighting and love for everything Automotive & Motorsport.

We look forward to seeing your entries and as always, the winning image will receive  a great prize from Canon South Africa and from Peak design.


© Drew Gibson

© Drew Gibson

Automotive & Motorsport photography Workshops

And for those of you who would like to get more hands on, we are looking at putting on a workshop to help improve your automotive photography. If we can swing it, we will also hold a motorsport photography workshop. Sign up to the What the F! newsletter to find one when we announce the details.


Good luck and have fun!

Remember photography should be fun, so go out there and have some fn and create beautiful images at the same time.



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