The Photographic Society of South Africa is sponsoring the Photo of the Month Competition.

The Photographic Society of South Africa has joined the Hunters of Light to educate, motivate and inspire photographers in South Africa by providing six 1-year memberships of the PSSA as prizes for the POTM (Photo of the month) competition.
POTM (Photo of the month) competition long exposure kyle goetsch

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Photo credit: Kyle in CPT

The Hunters of Light’s mission has been to educate, motivate and inspire since it started on the eve of lockdown in South Africa and we are extremely excited to announce that the Photographic Society of South Africa is sponsoring the Photo of the Month Competition.

Through hard work and commitment to this mission, the Hunters of Light has grown into an enthusiastic and interactive group of over 3000 members on the Facebook Group.
One of the biggest downsides to the Facebook Group however is the fact that the content is in one long stream. It is challenging to find the current photo theme, who the winner was for the last theme etc. The logical step was to create a platform where like-minded photography enthusiasts and professionals could come together and be a part of the mission to educate, motivate and inspire photographers not only in the taking of pictures, but how to improve their photography businesses.


The Hunters of Light now offers a subscription based website where photographers can take part on discussion forums, read articles by contributors from photography and business backgrounds and improve their skills through the tutorials offered on the website. We felt it was important to offer not only guidance on how to use your flash, but how to run your business and have brought on board business services to help the members achieve the results they were looking for. Services like Motivational coaching, Financial services, Legal services, insurance and social media.
We will also have at least one masterclass per month tackling a photography issue. Mentorships are also available from the contributors and can be purchased through the online store.
And who can ignore the huge networking possibilities, imagine lining up with members in Spain to plan a shoot when you visit the country.
Or creating local networks through the Hunters of Light to meet up for photo walks or just to meet in person.

MOTIVATE & INSPIRE – Contributors

The creative contributors we have on board are seriously talented creatives and share the philosophy of educate, motivate and inspire and have come on board to provide article and tutorials to show members how to achieve great results with their lighting, editing and getting the best out of the gear they have.
We also have some amazing business-focussed contributors who will be providing insights into running your photography business more successfully.
Both will also be on hand in the discussion forums to answer questions that come up in their genre.
Brands and stores will also be providing gear reviews and where possible special deals will be set up for the members.

MOTIVATE & INSPIRE – photo competitions

The next and extremely important element in the motivate and inspire element is our photo competitions, where members can upload images and challenge themselves against other members and win prizes. We are extremely excited and thankful to the Photographic Society of South Africa for providing six 1-year memberships of the PSSA as prizes for the POTM (Photo of the month) competition.

POTM (Photo of the month)
The photo of the month is an opportunity to go out and take a killer photo based on the theme. Members have a month to plan and interpret the theme and provide a winning image.
The Photo of the month winner will receive a 1-year PSSA membership which is an outstanding prize. They also win a POTM t-shirt which you can only get as a POTM winner.
Winners are decided by a panel of Judges including a member of the PSSA to ensure the winner is of a high standard in conjunction with the number of votes received on the site.
Current theme: Long exposure landscapes
Deadline: 31 October

POTW (Photo of the week)
The photo of the week competition is a weekly competition where the winners are decided based on the rating of their images by the group.
The highest rating wins the weekly competition and a JOBY GorillaPod Original sponsored by Canon South Africa.
Current theme: Simplicity
Deadline: 18 October



We are incredibly grateful to all the contributors, service providers and Brands and members for supporting the Hunters of Light.
Without you, we would not be able to provide a platform like this for our photography community.

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