Working from Home and Taxes as a Photographer

Working from home is a great way of saving on a rental payment that you would not require to pay. Investing in your own property is always better than in investing in someone else’s property.

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It is also beneficial to your taxes. Investing in your own property is always better than in investing in someone else’s property. So as a photographer, what would you require. A lot of photographers work of site capturing images and photographing weddings. Then come home and start those long hours of processing and editing and making it stunning for the customer. You might also prefer a studio where you can do specific shoots with clients. Whatever your needs are, having a home-based office is definitely more cost effective and luckily tax beneficial.

So in regard to the tax benefits, what are we looking at. You can from your income subtract any business expenses incurred in order to do your profession. This will be done in a percentage manner. We are focusing specifically on home office base, so the following calculation needs to be done.

In the first place take the total square meterage of the home office and or space that you are using for your business. Take this in relation to the total square meterage of the house and covert it to a percentage. First calculate the total square meterage of the home office in relation to the total square meterage of the house and then convert this to a percentage. This percentage is the percentage you will apply to your home office expenditure to calculate what value you can deduct for tax purposes.

Example if the office is 30m2 and the floor space of her entire home, including the office, is 300m2. The square meterage of the home office (30m2) is 10% in relation to her house (300m2).

This percentage would apply to home office expenses. Then to straight business expenses there should be considered of how much you use that expense business vs personal. Always remember to keep in mind the personal aspect to the expense. Example your telephone. You do use it mostly for work but you still use it personally and that has to be considered.

These will be an example of some of the expenses that you will be able to claim of your taxable income and the percentage to apply:

  • (10%) Pro-rata deductions on rent paid
  • (10%) Interest on a mortgage bond
  • (10%) Repairs to the premises
  • (10%) Rates and taxes
  • (10%) Cleaning
  • (10%) Wear and Tear
  • (10%) Home Insurance
  • (80%) Telephone & Internet
  • (80%) Stationery
  • (80%) Repairs to office equipment used like printers

Always keep in mind, should there be a review on your tax return, make sure you have your invoices available for review.

So next time you do your taxes, you have a little bit more information when it come to your home office and how to get the best benefit.


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