World photography day 2021: 10 ways to become a better photographer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a photograph has the potential to immortalise thoughts, ideas, experiences, and moments in time. And since it can transmit these sentiments quicker and more successfully than words, it has become one of the major forms of communication in the digital age.
Image by Jon Kerrin

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© Image by Jon Kerrin

August 10 is celebrated as the day when people who love photography come together to promote awareness and share thoughts about the subject. It honours the artistry which has fascinated people for decades.

  1. Don’t be concerned about buying expensive equipment
  2. Learn your camera’s manual settings
  3. Learn the rules of photography, then break them
  4. Shoot in raw
  5. Know your camera lenses
  6. Practice photography in different outdoor lighting conditions
  7. Learn photo composition
  8. Know your value as a photographer
  9. Study other photographers, then find your style
  10. Request feedback


What are your tips to become a better photographer, add your voice to the discussion in the comments below.


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