Edit my RAW file

Have you ever wondered if there was another way to edit an image?
Black and white, warmer, cooler, high-key. Patreon members can now submit their RAW file for a selection of PRO’s to edit. No brief, no requirements, just as they see it and how they think it will look best.

This could be incredibly inspiring and hopefully entice you to try something that challenges you and step out of your comfort zone. Complete the form below and let the editing begin!

Guidelines & Upload

  • Please submit a JPEG version of your RAW file and we will contact you for the RAW file. Max file size 300Kb.
  • Which images are edited is up to the PRO’s. If  there is a huge response, we might not be able to edit all the images submitted. In that case, we will select the images we feel will have the most impact.