Frequently asked questions

As the The Hunters of Light Community develops and new members join there are bound to be questions and we will use these to improve where we can. If you do not see your question here, please complete the form provided and we will get back to you and of course, add it to the list below.

Why was the Hunters of Light Community started?

The Community was born out of the Facebook Group created under Lockdown. I felt there was a need for a Community where we could come together and improve our photography in an environment without the bullies pushing their agenda or viewpoint. The objective is to educate, motivate and inspire and do it in a supportive way.

I would like to take part, but my work is not great.

We were all in that position when we started. The best way to improve is to take part. Join a discussion forum, submit your images for critique and soak up the knowledge that the community has to offer. Upload your images, listen to the feedback and repeat.

You can also join the Beginners group and find members in a similar situation.

Can I contribute?

There are a number of ways you can contribute – the main one being to help other members by sharing your knowledge. That is huge and it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy too 🙂

It may sound naive, but it would be amazing to have a community whose members just want to help people succeed. It can be as simple as a camera setting or a technique you have developed – share it with the community and answer the questions you can when you can.

If you would like become a contributor please send us an email using and let’s see how we can make it happen.

How do I join the Community?

The Hunters of Light is open to all. Accessing the info on the website, Facebook Page , Facebook Group and over 100 hours of YouTube content is 100% free.

For those wishing to support the initiative we have 4 membership options on our Patreon with access ranging from supporting the initiative and access to giveaways to being able to ask a pro, get a pro to edit your raw file and 1-2-1 training.

Is the Community only for South Africans?

The Hunters of Light is a global Community – if you love photography, you are welcome.
If however you are not based in South Africa, physical prizes or giveaways cannot be shipped to you. I would love a shipping partner to come on board, but until then you will need to pay for the shipping if it cannot be collected.

Become a Patreon
What is a Patreon?

We are only able to create and curate the content on the Hunters of Light through support from the community. We do have a few brands that support us by providing prizes and giveaways, but without your support we would not be able to put in as much time as it takes to create what we have to date.

By subscribing as a Patreon Member you are not only receiving additional content and features, but you are helping us keep the dream alive and we want to reward you for believing in and supporting the Hunters of Light Initiative.

Click here to sign up  to our Patreon page and help us continue to provide inspiration and motivation fo our photography community.

What options are there

Patreon Members will be first in line with special offers, partner discounts and workshops.

Patreon benefits include:

  • monthly 1-2-1 photographic tutoring and feedback on photography, branding, websites, SEO, etc.
  • your first month free on a LIGHTBOX portfolio website.
  • first-look and/or exclusive access to competitions, workshops and tutorials offered by the Hunters of Light Initiative.
  • ask a PRO and ask your photography and video related questions
  • supporting the Hunters of Light Initiative
  • being eligible for giveaways

There are 4 membership levels to help find the perfect one for you.

Click here to become a Patreon.

Can anyone enter?

POTW: Entries are open to all members.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner! If there is a physical prize for the winner of the competition,  please note that if the Brand/Company donating the prize does not provide shipping, you will need to collect it or pay for the shipping.
I would love a shipping partner to come on board but until then you will need to pay for the shipping if it cannot be collected.