Can we hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Just having you as a part of the Hunters of Light initiative is amazing and it is appreciated more than you know.
Can we hit 1000 subscribers on the YouTube Channel?

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I still have to pinch myself when I see how many people are interacting and enjoying something that was started to educate, motivate and inspire photographers during lockdown.

I am humbled by the presenters that have taken the time to put together images and talk to me about their work, their inspiration and their plans. It all came at a time when we all needed plans, goals, dreams…

For me, the dreams, the goals, plans and the wanderlust of being a photographer is what drives me. Wether it is getting a better shot of a bird, improving my lighting technique, acquiring a new skill or finding a shot I am actually happy with. Yes, that is a goal and a dream of mine ūüôā

©Janine Krayer
©Janine Krayer


100 hours of content on YouTube.

We have recently passed reached 100 hours of hopes, dreams, goals, tips and advice from such generous people and that is absolutely amazing.
25000 people have watched and hopefully benefitted from the inspiring content – I know I have. The question is now, can we hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

I hope to always be learning and i know i can learn from everyone who i have chatted to on the Hunters of Light, every member of the Facebook group and every member of the website. You all have something to teach me and i thank you for that.


Here are the top videos since day 1.

  1. Capturing the soul of your subject. Janine Krayer
  2. The Fine Art of Photography with Martin Osner
  3. Learning the Rules like a Pro, breaking them like an Artist by Georgina Steytler
  4. Introduction to Equine Photography with Hilary O’leary
  5. On set with Coco van Oppens – Feature film photographer
  6. Welcome to the Hunters of Light.
  7. The creative process with Martin Dudley
  8. Canon launch Day: EOS R5, EOS R6, RF 800, RF 600 etc.
  9. Creative showcase with John Greyling
  10. A bug’s life with Desire Pelser


©Georgina Steytler
©Georgina Steytler


What are my goals for the Hunters of Light…

This seems like a fantastic segway into my goal(s) for the Hunters of Light. I have spent thousands of hours since the 26th of March 2020 sourcing, curating, creating, nagging, cajoling, begging, freaking out and crying about the Hunters of Light. It has become so much a part of me that I never actually stop thinking about it. When I am driving, when I am working, browsing the internet, trying to fall asleep at night.

Let’s start with these:

  • We can start off with growing the Hunters of Light YouTube channel to 1 000 subscribers. (Then that can become 5 000, then 10 000.)
  • A massive thank you to Canon SA for supporting us since day 1 with content, giveaways and prizes. I would like to be able to welcome more brands so that we can give away prizes to users of all the major camera manufacturers. The Hunters of Light initiative has always been open to all brands to join and collaborate with us to provide fantastic content to photographers of all levels and brands.
  • I would love to see a huge uptake of website membership so that we can start generating content by a core group of contributors that share the mission to educate, motivate and inspire.
  • Hunters of Light trips into Africa to shoot things like Congo’s Sapeurs or beautiful desert landscapes, Masai Mara…
  • I would love to have localised Hunters of Light workshops and photowalks throughout South Africa and Africa.
  • I love the idea of some sort of mentorship program where we (working professionals) can nurture young photographers. Talk about style, technique, branding, marketing, etc.
  • Maybe that takes for form of a monthly meet up (After COIVID) where we discuss a range of topics?

So many ideas, so little time.


© Martin Osner
© Martin Osner


How can you help us achieving the goals.

When I think about the possibilities and opportunities my head spins. At the moment it is all i can do to to maintain the bar I have set for myself. What motivates me is when I see people interacting with the Hunters of light, wether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, the newsletter or the website.


Like, subscribe, share, share, share – how you can support us?

  • Join the website
    • You can join for free
    • Add your voice to the discussion forums
    • Enter the competitions to win fantastic prizes (Thanks Canon South Africa, you rock!)
    • Post your photos and engage with other members.
  • Join the Facebook group.
  • Subscribe to the “What the F” newsletter
  • Watch a few videos on the YouTube channel – and more importantly, subscribe!


Want to contribute content?

Articles, tutorials, we are always looking for contributors to help educate, motivate and inspire. So if you have a skill you would like to share let us know and we could be welcoming you on board ūüôā

Are you a photography related brand?

You can join the Hunters of Light as a Brand and have your own press office. Post articles, tutorials, product reviews and speak directly to the people that support you by purchasing your products.

Cameras, lenses, filters, lighting, tripods, camera straps – the Hunters of Light audience wants to hear from you.

You can even make a financial contribution.

The Hunters of Light is 99.9% hard work, blood, sweat and tears and we do it for the love of photography and because we know we are making a difference.

We do have hard costs for things like marketing, hosting and the equipment we use to create the video content. In order to try and generate some revenue to cover these costs we have added a few elements which include:

  • A R60 a month paid membership to the website which gives full access to the site including tutorials and all the discussion forums.
  • You can “buy us a coffee“, yes, it is a euphemism for a tip ūüôā
  • The press office for Brands
  • Branded video content and sponsorship of content that we use in the production of our content. You can sponsor a video or sponsor some equipment.

But, we also use the above to provide giveaways and rewards for contributing. For example, one of the people buying us a coffee will win a 1 months membership to and the Hunters of Light. We can also then reward website members with a monthly paid member giveaway, etc.


Hunters of Light. Desire Pelser
© Desire Pelser


Thank you.

Just having you as a part of the Hunters of Light initiative is amazing and it is appreciated more than you know.

I encourage you to take part, the Hunters of Light was built for you. If you have ideas, let us know, if you have questions, let us know.

And one last thing – the immediate goal is 1000 YouTube subscribers. Have you subscribed and hit the notification bell?




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