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The hope is that you connect with fellow photographers, ask questions, enter the competitions and improve your skills which is why we provide the Hunters of Light free, gratis and mahala – we want to see you succeed and live your dream.

As well as the free membership option, there is also an option to support the initiative by signing up for a Patron Membership (Previously f16). For less than two cappuccino’s and a cinnamon bun a month you get full access, priority for workshops & special offers. If you’d like to support us in providing these service and creating this content for you, please consider signing up for a Patron membership.

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Here are the current Hunters of Light Initiative Patrons.

Thank you for supporting the initiative, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support. The more Patrons we have, the more we can do for you and the industry as a whole.

Anja Brits, Anton Bester, Arnold Bester, Bev Husband, Chris van Zyl, Christy Strever, Craig Adams, Dawid J Van Lill, Denise Smith, Helena Du Plessis, Johan Greyling, Justin Klusener, Kim Stevens, Kobus Potgieter, Marianna Erasmus, Marijke Claassen, Natasha Bird, Ndabane Malcolm Soko, Roddy Fox, Shell B, Sue Musto, Tarryn Goldman

New service, Patrons only – Q&A Your questions answered.

As part of increasing the value provided to the Patron members, we have just launched a Q&A section where Patron Members have the opportunity to ask your questions and get responses from professionals that know their stuff. Your questions can range across all aspects of the photo industry: gear, marketing, business tips, vision, pricing, branding, light, models, work/life balance, technical advice, post production, anything you have questions about.

We would like to help you get ahead and improve your photography / kickstart your business / shoot in manual – whatever you have questions about, submit them using the form and our team will respond with a solution.

As I said, we want to see everyone succeed and live their dream. Join us and lets make it happen.

Remember it’s up to you. Do good, break rules and make sh!t happen!



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