Birds in flight

Important: Please read the rules and entry requirements, entries not abiding by them will be disqualified.

Hunters of light birds in flight

One of the most challenging photography skills is capturing birds in flight. It can be incredibly rewarding and equally, however, there can be nothing more frustrating.
As with any and all types of wildlife photography, success is down to a combination of the usual factors which you have to juggle with: namely, light vs shutter speed vs aperture vs ISO.
The action shot of a bird in flight has become the new standard to receive the oohs and aahs, so lets see your amazing shots of birds in flight.

The winning image will receive a Canon Powershot Zoom from Canon South Africa.

“Birds in flight” photo competition has been cancelled.
In order to complete the competition, we need a minimum of 10 entrants. As only 6 people entered the birds in flight theme, unfortunately there are not enough entrants and no winner can be announced.

Thanks to those who did enter.

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