Is this the camera I have been waiting for? Canon EOS R5 hands on review.

Canon EOS R5 hands on review by Quintin Mills. The Hunters of Light support great photography, photographers & the Brands that are involved in our industry.
New Canon EOS R5 hands on review

On weekends, I love to photograph birds which have a very different set of requirements. Is there a single camera that can do all that – is this the camera I have been waiting for?

Once you have used the Canon EOS R5 for a few minutes, you will realise this is not just another upgrade.

The lipstick on the teeth is intentional – see the part about a “Mirrorless shoot” at the end of the post on my website.

On any given week I could shoot portraits, events, food interiors, products, corporate videos – you get the idea. I need a camera that can do just about anything. At one stage I was looking at the Canon 1DX II for the bird photography which needs a really high frame rate and amazing autofocus to capture the action. But with a 20megapixel sensor, I felt it was too small for the jobs that needed more megapixels.

When i replaced my 5DMKIV’s with the Canon EOS R’s I have to admit, I missed the feeling of my 5dmk4 in my hands, the EOS R felt a little skinny, but it was a great move – I have absolutely no regrets.

The Canon EOS R5 however, feels very familiar and similar to the 5DMKIV…

The full article appears on Quintin’s website.

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