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Image by Jon Kerrin

World photography day 2021: 10 ways to become a better photographer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a photograph has the potential to immortalise thoughts, ideas, experiences, and moments in time. And since it can transmit these sentiments quicker and more successfully than words, it has become one of the major forms of communication in the digital age.

Hunters of light Creative Showcase Tarryn Hatchett

Hunters of light Creative Showcase with Tarryn Hatchett

As a die-hard art cinema fan, and with a background in acting and art direction, Johannesburg based photographer Tarryn Hatchett weaves delicate visual narratives featuring raw moments from characters whose vulnerability and openness demands the viewer’s attention.

canon pro georgina goodwin women photography

The power of the female photographer

Photographing unrest in her home country, Kenya – starting with its post-election riots in 2007 – has taught documentary photographer and Canon Ambassador Georgina Goodwin how to spot signs of danger.

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